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Livingroom Shelves
Livingroom Shelves

Declutter your space!

     We understand that the little things matter.  Just like clutter, one or two things are not bad, but once you have more then you can count it will seem overwhelming.  J&J can help you manage your clutter.  

     J&J can offer you a one time deep clean where your house will be scrubbed top to bottom, everything taken out of cabinets and drawer and put back neatly while collecting garbage and recyclables if any (items will be placed in a clear bag so everything will be visible, you are and will always have the final decision).

     If everything all at once is too much to handle, or you prefer to move slower, we can come in and clean room by room.  If this is the option we suggest that every time the previous rooms have a once over with a standard cleaning. 

     Or if you just need help with a big project like the kitchen we got your back!

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