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Cottage clean

J&J is a small company and our team is proud to offer specialized cleaning scheduling and support for your specific cleaning needs.

Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly appointments are available. Call or text (705)787-8019

      Going to the cottage you think of the beach time, getting a nice tan, relaxing with family and friends around the fire.  Here at J&J Cleaning we understand that we all need "Me" time.  Don't let the chore of cleaning dip into your relaxing time.  If your looking for just a extra set of hands to help clean the barbecue and mop the floors.  Or you want to leave and come back to a top to bottom clean we got your needs covered!

Now offering window cleaning< including glass deck railings!  See the sight you designed your deck to see crystal clear!

My cottage is always ready for the next BBQ or sleep over!  The kids love it here, and thanks to Joan I have time to enjoy.  Fairy lake, The Fox Family.

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