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Move in/out clean

Moving into a new house or apartment?  Moving out and want someone else to clean up for the new owners?  Contact us today!  

     Moving in, packing, un-packing, figuring out your new routine can be stressful.  Let us levitate that stress by cleaning your new space top to bottom so you can feel like your home.  We will clean every surface, nock and cranny.  Sanitizing inside all closets, cupboards, drawers, and shelves.  Move out fridges, stoves, and washing machines permitting there is access to get to all the dirt and grime left behind from the other tenants.  Plan on painting?  We will clean all the walls and baseboards to get a clean dirt free surface for the paint to better adhere to.

     Have a rental and want it to be cleaned between tenants call J&J to schedule your next clean!

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