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Air BnB (Rental)

J&J Cleaning can cover all your rental cleaning needs.  With year round cleaning we got your rental property covered.

      J&J cleaners will clean your rental from top to bottom between renters, giving peace of mind.  Every rental is different from amenities, to entertainment, and pleasure.  Our team sanitizes all commonly touched surfaces such as door knobs, switches, cupboards, TV remotes, and so much more!  We clean utilities such as kitchen appliances, barbecues, saunas and hot tubs.  

     Need us to change linens, we got you.  We can launder laundry, and/or drop off to a laundry mat to be ready for the next turn over.  J&J can also accommodate specific renter requirement, whether it be setting up a crib out of storage, to fresh cut flowers for a celebration

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